About us

Uggè’s goldsmith workshop is settled in Milan. It has been active since 1980. Uggè1633 was born in order to produce one kind only jewels, to give new birth to old jewels and to repair gold and platinum jewellery. Moreover, it works on the behalf of a third party.

The owners, head the goldsmith, polish and rhodium workshops. Each product is checked in every single work phase by the production office in order to guarantee the high quality of the finished object. In addition, thanks to the new laser technology, the reparation on a wide range of objects is possible even if they are very complex and fragile.

Ugge1633 received the Artis award. It is known in Italy as an award given to the Excellent craftsman. It symbolizes the ability to project, and create objects of quality.

What does 1633 mean?

In the field of goldsmith, companies have to mark the objects with the followings: The mark indicating the metal title which indicates the type of metal and the concentration of the metal present in the object. ( ex. The gold title is 750).

The I.D. mark is the I.D. of the object. It is formed by a five-pointed star with a number and the province's acronym in it. So, our mark is 1633 MI.

This mark have been the same since our opening. It grants high quality of our objects and an easy availability to our costumers. For this reason we chose this mark as part of the business name.


Uggé 1633 di Pecchi Rosanna Laboratorio orafo

via Torino, 49 - 20123 MI

Phone: 0286982801

Fax: 0286454888

Email: info@ugge1633.it